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1st Minute, Bryan Robson, England v France, 1982 World Cup Group Stage
England having won the World Cup in 1966 and performed well in 1970 then failed to qualify for the two World Cups during the 1970’s. So by the time the 1982 World Cup had come around, there were many Englishman who had never seen their side compete in a World Cup.
Under the management of Ron Greenwood England headed into the 1982 World Cup in Spain with expectations quite low but they would soon rise rapidly.
The Goal
12 years of hurt at being left out of the World Cup ends in 27 seconds…

What Happened Next?
England got an impressive 3-1 victory and followed it with two more wins against Czechoslovakia and Kuwait despite missing two of their better players in Keegan and Brooking. In the next round they faced Spain and West Germany and a 0-0 draw against West Germany meant they had to beat the hosts by two goals to qualify for the semi-finals. Brooking and Keegan entered the field with half an hour remaining and both missed chances as the game finished goalless and England went home despite not getting beat.

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