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35th Minute, Andres Escobar (Own Goal), USA v Colombia, 1994 World Cup Group Stage


The 1994 World Cup provided the United States the chance to fall in love with the beautiful game whilst many were thinking Colombia had the chance of winning football’s greatest prize after their incredible 5-0 win in Buenos Aires against Argentina to qualify for the tournament. Before they made the journey though they knew they had to do without their inspirational goalkeeper Rene Higuita who had been arrested and jailed for his involvement in a kidknapping ordered by drug baron Pablo Escobar who was heavily involved in the Colombian national game.

USA hosted the World Cup in 1994 and were looking to improve on their poor performance in Italy four years earlier. They hoped home support and their intense training camp would see them over the line and make it possible for them to pass the group stages for the first time in the modern era.

The Colombians were under enormous pressure from the off and when they lost their opening game against Romania after missing a host of chances, the atmosphere in the Colombian turned to fear. The players’ families back home in South America were receiving death threats from gangs who were losing money on the Colombian team’s failings. The players couldn’t sleep at night and feared the consequences of their defeat. The missed chances in the Romania game haunted the strikers.

USA gained a point in their first game which was against Switzerland meaning a win against Colombia would be enough to see them through. Colombia had to claim at least a draw. Mistakes from both sides marked the early exchanges but neither side could take advantage. Colombia were denied by the woodwork and some last ditch defending in the opening half hour of the match.

The Goal

The deadlock was broken via some cruel luck for Colombian defender and Captain Andres Escobar…

What Happened Next?

Tragedy. Colombia lost and were out the World Cup after just two games and worse was to follow when they returned home. On the night of 2nd July 1994 Andres Escobar decided to leave his apartment for the first time since the World Cup and was baited about his own goal in a nightclub. He decided to head back to the safety of his home but two men took out handguns and killed him in the car park. It was one month before he was due to get married.

USA meanwhile progressed to the second round where despite having a man advantage for much of the game they lost 1-0 to Brazil.


This excellent ESPN documentary explains in great detail what exactly happened in that period in Colombia

The Two Escobars


Escobar artwork


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