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Brazil were trying to defend the title whilst France had a lot to prove after a poor showing in Korea four years earlier.

Brazil had reached the quarter finals comfortably with a 3-0 win over Ghana and France hit Spain with two late goals for a 3-1 victory in Hanover.

I could write a lot about this match but this quarter final match belonged to Zinedine Zidane and this video shows just how much one player can dominate a game. Not since Maradona in 1986 had one player lit up the World Cup like Zidane did twenty years later.

The Goal

With a wonderful piece of skill Zidane starts a move where they win a free kick and then he delivers the perfect ball to Henry…

What Happened Next?

Zidane produced his third match winning display in a row to ensure France reached the final. In the final he put his country ahead before Italy found an equaliser soon after. The final went to extra time and as it drifted towards a penalty shoot out, Zidane lost his head and heatbutted Materazzi.


Zidane highlights of 2006 World Cup, sorry about the music.

Zidane headbutt statue…


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